Sunday, November 1, 2009


The purpose of this site is to make people laugh and have fun! !

Life is too short to be serious all the time. Having a rough day? Need a laugh? Log on here and read (or view) some jokes. Have a laugh or two. . . or three . . . or four . . . or however many you want!

This site is a collection of jokes and laughs that have made their way through the Internet and found their way in people's email boxes over the years. Perhaps, you have received some of these in your email box over the years as well. Feel free to share your jokes with us by sending them to . We'll post them up on the site. WE WILL NOT POST ANY FOUL OR X-RATED JOKES! ! However, we will from time to time post some "Naughty" jokes which are the ones that do not cross the foul or X-rated line. This is a clean site.

Since these jokes have been floating around the Internet for years, there is no copyright to them. So if you need to use any of them to send, feel free to do so. Just tell your family and friends (and enemies) about this site. The more people that log on and share, the better!

Our goal is to put at least one new joke on every day. So log on daily to get your daily dose of laughs!

So read, view, laugh, and HAVE FUN! ! !


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